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october 12th 2017 – the Square Brussels

IRIS Symposium ’17

A conference on Information Management and Digital Transformation

These are the times of Internet of Things and Big Data, times where information has become a valuable currency. Acquiring data, distilling knowledge from it and managing the flows of information within the corporate environment creates the competitive advantage that makes all the difference. Your customers’ expectations have evolved along the line: your business is now driven by superfast decisions, zero-latency response times and ultra-short go-to-market plans. In addition, there’s the complexity of legislation with concepts like GDPR and other compliancy rules that you need to take into account.

In order to keep up – even stay ahead of the pack – you can’t afford not to be in full control of your information environment. But how do you get in control? Starting up a digital transformation process is considered as the best way forward, but then how can you make sure you approach it the right way?

This year’s IRIS Symposium is about ‘Connecting Digital Experts’, where we bring together business experts, technological gurus and partners/customers.

During this seminar, you will find out where the general market is going, what the vision of Canon and IRIS is on Information Management and you get to meet both partners and end customers with hands on experience

Don’t miss out on this key event, register now and learn through our experts presentations, round tables and open conversations about the possibilities that Information Management(IM) brings to your organization. Find out all you need to know about the rules and regulations on IM and hear about real business situations.

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Hubert Bro



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Keynotes & speakers

Atle Skjekkeland

Senior Vice President at AIIM – the Association for Information and Image Management

He is a technologist, educator, and innovator. His interest in the future of information management with social, mobile, cloud, and big data has made him a frequent keynoter and workshop facilitator at events across the world. Atle is also the architect behind AIIM’s training programs with close to 30,000 students. He has a Master of Science degree from Norwegian School of Economics, and he has just returned to Europe after 9 years in the US.

Jones Lukose

Information Management Officer at the International Criminal Court

Jones Lukose, Information Management Officer at the International Criminal Court, Motivation Coach and Inspirational Speaker, will introduce the afternoon dedicated to workshops around Digital Transformation. He will explain how the court has adopted an eCourt strategy covering all aspects of its operations.

P&T – Agenda


Welcome Coffee


Atle Skjekkeland
Senior Vice President at Aim
Everybody is talking about the need for digital transformation, but most managers are still stuck with paper, digital landfills, and legacy IT. Atle talks about the 7 Deadly Disruptions and how ‘privacy’ is changing industries and how we run our business. Information management is key to all this and he uses 5 Critical Success Factors to underpin that statement.

Markus Naegeli
Head of Business & Information Systems EMEA
and Executive Vice President at Canon Europe

Canon, one of the largest Image Management experts in the word, has been investing heavily in Information Management in these past years. Markus shares Canon’s vision on the market and how Canon will approach the Information Management market in the near future.

Hubert Bro
As a true information management company, IRIS has been driving innovation in the IM area since 1987. From OCR to a future vision: Hubert will highlight the major elements and reveals how it all fits within the Canon Group.



Networking lunch


IRIS Products & Technologies Keynote & Insight
Evolution based upon sustainability and reliability are more than ever our mission and commitment to our partners. For you, we keep on imagineering the future of advanced capture, classification and indexation technologies.
This keynote will unveil the latest version of IRISXtract for Documents, pioneering cloud enablement for partners, showcasing trend-setting features for powerful mailroom automation and innovative Hybrid Forms extraction.
Stay tuned & get ready.



Coffee break & Exhibits


Breakout Sessions

Unisys Hybrid Forms Solution for sensitive payment services
Peter Euwijk (Unisys) & Manfred Traeger (IRIS)
Learn what benefits Unisys switching from a long running solution to the new IRISXtract hybrid forms approach expect in the future.

Canon Austria & WMD collaboration at KTM
Ulf Reinhold (WMD) & Canon Austria
Canon Austria & WMD share lessons learned from approaching local SAP market! You will receive a solid understanding of the business opportunities of this attractive market

Automatic Document Separation at YellowFolder (USA)
Mike Nilsson (Yellow Folder) & Ben Bilges (IRIS)
How a BPO enables huge outsourcing business growth and profitability while cutting back on usage of Indian off-shoring using IRIS automation solutions.

Snip-it Service Model
Arvato & Manfred Traeger (IRIS)
Learn how the new approach of cutting documents into snippets covers security aspects and allows optimized resource usage in a Web Verify based data capture environment.

Journey from an on-premise solution to a world-wide service
Marcel Rosenbaum (Easy) & Henning Krause (IRIS)
Easy Spirit powered by IRIS iDR toolkit makes data capture easy in the cloud.

The art of SaaS invoice processing
Amit Bhayami (Draycir) & Brennan Peyton (Canon Europe)
Gain significant insights into learnings, challenges and market opportunities of launching AP processing in the cloud with seamless integration into Sage and other ERPs



Coffee break & Exhibits


Roundtable discussions




Cocktail & dinner at the Kwint restaurant

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